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Trade in petroleum products - our new direction!

In a constantly evolving market, the demand for oil and petroleum products remains a key factor in determining the development of the economy and industry around the world. Known for its strategic location and well-regulated financial environment, Switzerland has become a hub for energy commodity businesses. Among these enterprises, our company is a prime example of reliability, transparency and strategic work in the oil trading sector.

Why Switzerland?

Based in Switzerland, our company is rapidly gaining recognition for its distinctive approach to the trading of oil and petroleum products. Specializing in the supply of oil from the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe, Africa and Asia, we have occupied a unique niche in the market. We prioritize transparency, accessibility and compliance in our operations.


Main principles

One of the main principles of the company’s activity is the desire to receive oil and oil products directly from a well or an oil refinery. This practice allows us to maintain consistent quality and ensure the availability of our products. Through direct interaction with suppliers, we do without intermediaries, which reduces the risk of disruptions and allows us to control the supply chain. Careful planning and management allow us to quickly respond to market demands. Customers can be confident that their needs will be met quickly and efficiently, even during times of high demand or supply chain fluctuations. Such stable availability of products allows you to gain a reputation as a reliable company and attract new customers.

Transparency is the key to success!

Transparency in work has become an integral part of the business ethics of our company. We understand that in a world where everything depends on information, transparency contributes to building trust and customer loyalty. We strive to provide clear and detailed information about our products, sourcing and business practices. Navigating the complexities of international trade is no easy task, especially when it comes to energy products. We distinguish ourselves by the fact that our products are not subject to sanctions or restrictions. This strategic approach minimizes the risks associated with legal and regulatory issues and allows our company to focus on meeting the needs of our clients. This approach to compliance has made us a trusted partner for customers requiring reliable and stable energy supplies.


SGS certification

In an industry where quality assurance and compliance are paramount, we serve our customers with certified deliveries. By focusing on SGS certification, our team demonstrates its commitment to delivering products that meet international standards and stringent quality control measures. This certification not only inspires confidence, but also reinforces our commitment to excellence.

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