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Accountant in Switzerland.

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Our experience and assistance are entire at your service to provide you with bespoke services to help you

Русскоязычный бухгалтер в Швейцарии
Русскоязычный бухгалтер в Швейцарии
Find the propre partners and partnerships for your business and commercial objectives,
Create the optimal links and conditions to help you achieving your investment research and objectives;
Help you reach the most adapted financial decisions;
Issue the requested/necessary tokens under Swiss law
Registering a company in Switzerland (starting at 900 CHF*)
Opening a bank accounts (starting at 150 CHF)
Providing you with a detailed analyze and personalized estimation of your enterprise
Helping you in optimizing your business and individual tax regime
Special consultations on changes in tax jurisdiction

*The price doesn’t include state fees, notary and apostille costs

Accountant in Switzerland.
Accountant in Switzerland.
Accountant in Switzerland.

Borovicov Services & Consulting specializes in consulting companies and private persons.

We provide our clients with our select and tested address book of professional and corporate contacts, to help them develop their investment, real estate and patrimonial objectives.

We also assist them in all their requested needs and wishes when relocating in, or moving to Switzerland: corporate management according to local conditions and requirements, relocation, patrimonial analysis and personalized , bespoke personal assistance (be it for organizing an event, finding the perfect school for their children, mastering the specificities of local culture and networks or finding their dream house…).

We speak the same language

We offer our services and personalized support in Russian, German, English or French, at your convenience, which allows you to rest in confidence on the certainty that we understand you perfectly, to better accompany you. With all the attention and confidentiality you may wish, and can expect from a world-class and multicultural company of seasoned professionals.

We guarantee

Accountant in Switzerland.

Igor Borovicov

Your consulting manager

Igor Borovicov studied management and economics before working as a chartered accountant and consultant in several international Swiss companies, mainly active in trade and import-export. Simultaneously leading a career as top-level athlete.He has specialized for several years in multicultural accounting and financial advisory as well as corporate consulting and business analysis, before creating his own advisory and consulting company.

Borovicov Services & Consulting works as primary advisor, on a mandate-basis, for private companies as well as individuals wishing to analyze and optimize their business and wealth management options as well as entrepreneurial structures. It also regularly privately held and family companies to raise funds through ICO (Token) and IPO ( Stock Listing) while providing personalized consultancy and advisory services as well as analyses for:

  • privately-owned companies
  • and start-ups wishing to open their market
  • as well as large foreign corporations and public organizations wishing to establish themselves in Switzerland.

We can provide our clients with business contacts and potential partnerships if required, in the frame of our facilitation mandates.

Bilingual in Russian and French, we regularly work in both languages as well as in German.